About us

Fighting through the minefield of 'green' to help you buy better!

We’re here to fight wishy-washy promises and greenwashing. And we’re here to do all the work for you.

When you shop on Canopey, you know that you can trust that what you're buying has been checked by us. ✅

Thomas and Hugo and Abrar
Thomas and Hugo

Right now you practically have to be a climate scientist to shop more sustainably. 👩‍🔬

Reading hundreds of blogs, going to ten different websites each with their own delivery costs. And if you want to see the impact of what you bought, hard luck.

Sound familiar?

Meet Canopey, The Home For Buying Better™️

🌳 Canopey brings verified, sustainable products together under one roof

🎓 One place for you to learn more, where we bring together 10+ years of knowledge working in sustainability to give you answers

📈 We give you the power to track your positive impact over time and get rewarded

Canopey posters under an archway
Field with tents

Our story

This started with us stood in a sea of plastic waste at the end of a festival.

We’d already spent a decade bringing thousands into the climate change movement. Now we were getting our hands dirty (literally!) preventing waste from going into the incinerator.

We pulled together a team of amazing people and collected hundreds of tents and camping equipment.

But we were angry that not enough was being done to stop the world filling with junk.

We were trying to solve the symptoms of a bigger problem: we need to buy better to begin with!

We founded Canopey in a field, and here we are today.

– Hugo and Abrar, Canopey Founders

Canopey posters under an archway
Hugo Douglas-Deane

Hugo Douglas-Deane

CMO & master of words

Hugo leads on marketing, having worked in Government communications and publishing for a number of years. He’s worked on all sorts of campaigns including multi-million pound EU-funded projects and environmental schemes. His biggest task at the moment is trying to get to grips with TikTok.

Abrar Rauf

Abrar Rauf

CTO & hacker supreme

Abrar leads on tech, having worked in tech over the last decade and wanting to pursue his passion of using tech for good. He is a pro at building full stack applications and has previously held roles as Product Owner at NatWest, front and back-end development in FinTech scaleups, as well as being a second-time founder himself.

Sin Yu (Vivi) Yan

Sin Yu (Vivi) Yan

Community Lead

Vivi is our Community Lead at Canopey. We met Vivi at Queen Mary University of London as part of her MSc in Management, where she specialised in environment, social and governance). She was scouting the best impact-driven startups for the university to invest into, so she knows a thing or two about what makes a great sustainability-focused company. She’s held sales roles at L’Oréal, as a Client Advisor at Salvatore Ferragamo and she even has experience as a founder herself in Taiwan, where she ran her own fashion startup!

Hana Barnes

Hana Barnes

Design & Digital Intern

Hana is a graphic designer and marketer working in the music industry. She is Creative Director for Wild Paths Festival, and has spent the last few years developing their climate change and diversity commitments. Hana literally makes us look good – even something as boring as a business card.

Our values

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Canopey is an inclusive home for all! We'll support you no matter where you are on your sustainability journey. It’s about being better, not best! And that includes us – we’re always learning so we can be better than we were yesterday.

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We’re not afraid to challenge what’s wrong in the world, and what should be better. We’re always thinking about the big picture and it’s our mission to push the sustainability movement forward.

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We have the knowledge and the data to back things up. But we’re also here to guide you, and that means keeping things clear and simple because you shouldn’t have to be a climate scientist to make sustainable changes!