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Founded in Hackney, all of Bouclé's all natural candles are hand-poured in East London and Brighton by Louise & Ben.

The story started as a solution to the headaches the pair were getting from 'fancy' fragrance oil candles. By swapping out the synthetic wax and scent for soy wax and 100% pure essential oils, the two could enjoy lovely smelling candles around the home without the headaches. This eventually grew and grew into the brand that Bouclé is today!

Now Bouclé has a large selection of all natural candle aromas, as well as diffusers, aromatherapy blends and pillow & linen sprays to scent your space - the natural way. Each of their candle's comes in a hand-stamped recycled kraft box [ideal for easy gifting], filled with crinkle cut paper, and packaged up completely plastic free.





Women Led Business


LGBTQI+ Led Business

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