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Welcome to Luna & Solis, a community-driven wellness brand founded by a brother and sister duo who share a deep passion for health and wellness.

Our journey began with a personal experience of health challenges that ignited our curiosity about the importance of looking at health from a holistic and integrative approach.

We understand that everyone is built differently. We believe that achieving true well-being goes beyond just addressing symptoms; it requires feeding our cells optimally so we can feel healthier, perform better, and improve healthspan.

We realised that the supplement market was flooded with products of questionable quality and a lack of transparency in the supply chain, often filled with extra ingredients that may be doing more inflammatory harm than good. This realisation fuelled our mission to create a brand built on a foundation of transparency. We are committed to educating consumers about the supplements they consume and emphasising the utmost importance of ingredient quality.

We can do better.

At Luna & Solis, we are not just providing products; we want to build a community dedicated to supporting longevity and healthy ageing. We believe that a healthy, vibrant life is within reach for everyone, and we are here to help you on your journey towards a healthier, more informed life. Together, we can achieve optimal wellness and support longevity for all.



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