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At Neem London, we've redefined men's fashion with a mission inspired by the revered Neem tree of India, celebrated for its natural healing properties. Our brand embodies the fusion of style and ecological consciousness.

Founder Nick Reed envisions a world where fashion invests in personal style and environmental sustainability. Neem London stands as an ecological antiseptic to fast fashion.

Our products aren't just clothing; they're bold statements. We firmly believe that style should never be sacrificed for ethical living. Every Neem London product undergoes full lifecycle assessments, ensuring they leave the lightest possible ecological footprint. All of our products at Neem are traceable back to the farm.

Transparency is our hallmark. Our supply chain is open and ethically grounded, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. Visit our flagship store in Piccadilly Arcade, London, where sustainability meets chic style.

Join the Neem London movement and embrace cleaner, eco-conscious living in men's fashion. Be part of a community that makes a statement with style and dedication to the planet's well-being, just as Neem is the antiseptic to fast fashion.





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