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A cosmetics line revolutionising the products we use on our body.

At Yendra Beauty we have found that the skincare industry has a while to go until the needs of everybody have been met.

We believe in being leaders of the revolution, starting our first product launch (of many!) with our game-changing Vanishing Micellar Water and Extra Soft Lint Free Premium Cotton Pads.

Our journey began when our Founder started experimenting heavily with skincare ever since she developed atopic eczema as a child. Later she discovered that the sensitivity on her face was caused by using cleansing products containing harsh, inorganic ingredients and abrasive cotton pads in her skincare routine. Over time, she developed her own 90% natural Micellar Water formula and began using Yendra's Lint Free cotton pads to reduce the friction-caused irritation on her face. Implementing these in her daily routine improved her skin barrier by tenfold!

We want to share what we have discovered from years of R&D as we understand the desire for skincare products that deliver both effectiveness and gentleness.



Women Led Business


Minority Ethnic-Led Business

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