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Introducing... the #GreenWashing Machine

This Christmas, we’re raising awareness of the


Fast fashion fraudsters and dodgy high street retailers are using the Greenwashing Machine to clean their dirty laundry and create a good 'green' appearance – even if underneath the story's very different.

Green waves
A bunch of labels, such as dodgy detergent, quick coverup greenwash whites all suds no substance

2/3 of Brits are angry about greenwashing

So what is greenwashing?

Put simply, greenwashing is when a business makes itself or its products out to be greener than they actually are.

It means bullsh*t like this...

A bunch of household products claiming to be sustainable

Some more prime greenwash examples...

👩‍⚖️ In 2022 H&M had a lawsuit filed against it after a shopper claimed its ‘Conscious Collection’ was falsely claiming green credentials when the reality was quite the opposite!

♻️ ASOS are being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority talking about how its circular collection (made with un-recyclable thermoplastics) was ‘future-proofing fashion’

⚡️ BP may talk the talk about how they're 'working to make energy cleaner', but more than 96% of BP’s annual spend goes towards oil and gas.

Read more on our What Is Greenwashing blog.

This is why we started Canopey!

And why we’ve been campaigning against big brands trying to pull the wool over your eyes...

2 people holding a sign in front of H&M, one of them saying A loop isn't meant to have an end and the other one saying H&M Greenwashing yet again
Green waves

✅ We verify the green claims brands make

✅ We do all the research & bring products into one marketplace

✅ We guide you through the minefield of ‘green’ and greenwashing

Because it should be easier for everyone to buy better.

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