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Recycled Italian White Twill Comfort Shirt


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This men's shirt features a sports stretch, technical feel, whilst offering the elegance of a formal shirt. An exclusive product made from recycled materials.
The latest in recycled fabric technology. Highly breathable, crease resistant and made from recycled materials. The most comfortable shirt you will ever own.

This white recycled shirt features a sports stretch, technical comfort feel, whilst offering the elegance of a formal shirt. An exclusive product made from recycled materials and certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Woven in Italy exclusively by Canclini, this shirt can be layered for a casual look or equally looks the part worn under a suit. A fabric like no other, the shirt requires zero ironing, dries quickly, and is extremely breathable whilst keeping you warm in winter.

A forward-thinking shirt in both appearance and creation. The most comfortable shirt you will ever own. Fit is slim, not extra slim, we suggest opting up a size on this shirt.

Perfect for formal and casual occasions, ideal travel shirt due to its crease resistant qualities.

Wash & Care

Machine wash at 30c and line dry. Wear often, wash infrequently, then recycle.

Due to odour repelling properties, do not to wash this shirt after every use and conserve energy
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Neem London

Neem, is a low-emitting men's clothing brand. The name comes from the beautiful Neem tree in India. Neem is a natural herb with healing properties, used as a natural antiseptic, with anti-bacterial and viral properties. Neem was created as an 'antiseptic' for fast fashion, producing men's clothing made with care from a transparent supply chain, focusing on safeguarding the environment. Neem products last longer and can be returned and recycled. The founder, Nick, believes sustainable and fun living go hand in hand. Style should not be sacrificed for ethical living. Neem clothes are always smart yet dishevelled, and we call it Power Casual. When clothes fit well, are tailored, and complement your body, it boosts confidence, assurance, and style. Neem clothes are comfortable and versatile, perfect for any occasion. Our brand promotes eco-consciousness and education, encouraging our customers to consume responsibly. We are an authority on style, with a bit of influence from familiar shores keeping us grounded in our roots.
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