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About this accreditation

Switching to vegan alternatives and reducing meat consumption is one of the biggest ways we can reduce our impact. Our Vegan accreditation means that a product must not use any ingredients derived from animals in any of its manufacturing and supply processes.

We require most products to be certified by Vegan Society or V-Label. We may also show the label if the product ingredients list clearly has no animal-derived ingredients.

Other reputable certifications we accept include EVE VEGAN, VEGANOK, Vegan Action, Vegan Certification NZVS, Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services, Vegan Belarus label, Plamil Vegan Trademark, Sello Vegano, Vegan Australia Certified, VegeProject (Vegan), VegeCert (Vegan), Qualita Vegetariana o Vegani (Vegan), ICEA (Vegan), Viva label (Vegan), Biocyclic Vegan Standard, Veganic network.

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