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The Canopey Calculator makes it easy to track your shopping impact by showing how products stack up against the mainstream options. Check out the incredible savings the Canopey community has made so far and sign up for an account to start seeing your positive changes today! 🌱


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Canopey Guides

Bringing everyone in under the canopy (including an extra e) 🌳

Our Mission

This all started with us stood in a sea of plastic waste at the end of a festival. We were angry that not enough was being done to stop the world filling with junk.

But right now buying better is a massive research project – and there's greenwashing everywhere you look.

We're here to guide you through the minefield – enter Canopey: The Home For Buying Better™️

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Learn about sustainable swaps

Welcome to your quick and easy guides to sustainable swaps. Learn about all the products around your home and discover effortless ways of making simple swaps to reduce your impact. Support brilliant better brands making low impact alternatives today!

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Loved by the planet, adored by customers 🌍

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Canopey Gift Cards

Give the gift of green! Buy one of our Canopey Gift Cards to give a friend or loved one access to thousands of sustainable and ethical goods, from conscious clothing to homeware, food & drink and more!

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