Our bathrooms can be both the cleanest and dirtiest places in our homes. It’s where we need to get squeaky clean, and also where some of the biggest pongs and smells linger. The answer for many of us when it comes to answering these two questions are plastic bottles of shampoo and volumes of bleach.

With so many plastics, harsh cleaning chemicals and an abundance of single-use products, it’s one of the places where we can make some great swaps to reduce our impact on the planet and support sustainable alternatives.


Swaps you could make...

shampoo bars

Shampoo & Conditioner

Liquid shampoo has its problems – here's how washing your hair can clean up your footprint

period products

Period Products

Essential items to deal with periods will add up over a lifespan, but there are alternatives



Stay pong-free with our purposeful eco-friendly deodorants

toothbrushes on a glass


It's possible to have a clean mouth and a clean planet!

Pouring soap on a sponge

Soap & Body Wash

Big bottles of shower gel create a lot of unnecessary waste. Here's how to scrub up better.

A white tube of toothpaste next to a bamboo toothbrush on a red background


It's possible to have clean teeth without dirtying our planet!