From refillable containers made from recycled materials to low water-waste soap bars, switching to our more eco-friendly alternatives can help reduce your impact in your kitchen.

There are loads of items in the kitchen which can have a hidden life before reaching your countertop, and there are plenty of plastic items which can be swapped out for better, natural and biodegradable materials.

Picture of a kitchen

Swaps you could make...


Washing Up Sponges

Scrubbing up well doesn't have to leave a mark on the environment.

Bread and chocolates wrapper in a cloth

Cling Film & Food Wraps

It's a wrap: the key stats to know about this single use product and how to swap.

Washing a plate on top of a sink using a wooden brush

Washing Up Brushes

Scrubbing up well doesn't have to leave a mark on the environment

Cutleries on a mug

Tableware & Utensils

Cooking up a storm shouldn't have to lead to piles of forever plastic and composite products that are difficult to recycle.

kitchen roll and some knives

Kitchen roll

Time to spill the secrets on this thirsty water-intensive and single-use product.

a kitchen towel

Tea Towels

The humble tea towel has been by our side in the kitchen for as long as we remember, but is it introducing plastics where we don't need them?

A father and son refilling food in their storage containers

Refillable Food Containers

Re fill'er up! The revolution is here and it's helping us ditch the plastic plaguing our kitchens and cupboards.

Pouring washing up liquid on a cleaning sponge

Washing Up Soap

Squeaky clean: get dishes clean quick with eco-friendly washing up soap