Makeup Mirror

Looking good and looking after your skin shouldn’t have to come with a planet price-tag, or a cruelty to animals warning. Lots of mainstream makeup brands conceal a dark secret, and come with a whole range of questionable chemicals and ingredients packaged in difficult to recycle plastic materials.

Check out our eco-friendly makeup and skincare swaps to find out about some of the troublesome ingredients and materials commonly found in makeup products, and discover vegan, palm oil-free and cruelty-free alternatives.

Makeup and mirror

Swaps you could make...

Rubbing moisturiser on hand


Look after your skin while looking after the planet with these eco-friendly moisturiser swaps



Feel good while looking good! Pick an eco-friendly lipstick or lipcare brand that doesn't just pay lip service to sustainability



With our eco-friendly mascara swaps, all the research is done for you – you don't need to bat an eyelash

Foundation and concealer and a makeup brush

Foundation, Concealer & Powder

Does your makeup conceal a dark secret? Our eco-friendly alternatives provide the feel-good options

Bunch of Makeup pads

Makeup Pads & Wipes

Cleanse your skin and the plastic in your makeup removal routine